Overview of Home Based Services

(serves pregnant women, children birth to three and their families)
From birth to three is the time in a child’s life where brain development occurs most rapidly. Parents have an important role in promoting their child’s development during this time period, and even earlier while the child is still in the womb. Early Head Start home visitors work with families to promote optimal development in infants and toddlers. During home visits, the home visitor will talk with you about how things are going with your child and your family. They will present an activity or experience for you and your child to share together. These activities promote child development and early learning in one or more key areas. Home visits occur once per week for an hour and a half.

Play Groups/Socializations

Play Groups (also known as socializations) are group experiences where you, your child, and other parents and their children come together. These groups are a time where you can build on the goals created during home visits. Socializations occur twice per month at the Garfield Building in Adrian, MI and in other locations in Lenawee County.

Activities to Promote Infant Toddler Development

In addition to activities that occur during home visits, each month your home visitor will provide a calendar with activities that you can do to promote your child’s development outside of visits. This furthers the positive impact on your child as well as you and your child’s relationship.

Not in our program? Below is a free brochure with ways that you can promote your young child’s learning.



Want more information about the Early Head Start Home Based Program? You can download the brochure below for more info.